by dani

Fashion as a means

A community and a high-quality product line that reaches women by whispering that magic word: empowerment.

Mind the gap

Sustainability, social justice, expert local artisans and a short, rigorously overseen supply chain. Discover the collection.

It all starts
with a whisper

A secret that’s shared among the few before reaching many. A form of kindness that passes by word of mouth, spreading courage and awareness before inevitably turning into action.

A single word can spark a revolution. Today, that single word is Whispr.

Fifty Fifty Please!

the only acceptable quota – let’s meet halfway!


because daring to ask is an inalienable right (and don’t take no for an answer!)


pay attention to my opinion and my point of view because listening is enriching and helps build a sense of community.


be strong and unapologetic. That is, true to yourself and willing to be different. Never underestimate your personal worth.

The Community

Whispr is a community where whispered messages come to life.


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