The Rijksmusem in Amsterdam announced that three 17th century paintings by women artists will be placed on permanent display in the Gallery of Honour, this is the first time in its 200-year history. The three works, The Serenade by Judith Leyster, the Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch by Gesina ter Borch and Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase by Rachel Ruysch, are now on display in the Gallery of Honour, alongside the museum’s other most-prized Dutch masterpieces. “Women play an important role in the cultural history of the Netherlands. Until now, however, women have been missing from the Rijksmuseum’s gallery of honour. It is crucial that we keep examining and enriching the Rijksmuseum’s centuries-old collection from new perspectives. We do so through both research and presentation. By asking new questions and studying a range of sources and objects, we can provide a more complete story of the Netherlands” – said Taco Dibbits, Director of the Rijksmuseum.