It all started with a whispr

An activist fashion brand designing, producing, and distributing colorful, artisanal and sustainable knitwear of the highest quality, in order to spread awareness on gender inequality.


A brand dedicated to all women and men who want to dress for change and wear their dreams. Because what you wear offers clues to your inner self, and true beauty can be defined in terms of kindness, value, talent and respect for others.

"Wearing Whispr means taking a stand against discrimination and gender inequality."

Believe in beauty and talent.

Respect people.

Pursue your ambition.

Be a feminist.

Don’t procrastinate.

The team

We are a small team of women sharing dreams and working for a common goal: empowering women and achieving gender equality.

We are based in Florence and work in design, research and product development, marketing, communication, operations and sales.