Angelica represents all those precious and delicate chrysalises, turning into strong independent butterflies. #mywingsmylife


Angelica Gismondo.

Angelica flies with her ethereal dance like all great dancers, as if there were nothing binding them to the ground. Yet, to get to certain levels by solely following a passion, one must be clear-headed and well grounded. “Ever since I can remember, as soon as I heard music I would start moving, it was magical. At the age of 13 it was already no longer enough for me to stay in my dance school in Assisi, I needed something more, and to discover this wonderful world. I was admitted to the Academy in Monte Carlo and left my family to pursue my dream.”

This is the story of many classical dancers with a great talent: leaving home while still children and entering the academy, sacrificing the carefree nature of that age, with the hope that this would become their future. “Those were very difficult years, I was far away from all my beloved ones, I didn’t know anybody, and I was forced to figure everything out on my own. I was still too young to embrace those challenges, even though I felt inside that I was already an adult, and every day it was a test for my passion for dance.”

Angelica grew up dancing tirelessly and learned early that in life, to get far, you need a sense of responsibility and hard work: “In the academy, everything you conquer – whether a perfect single dance step or a simple ‘brava’ from your teacher, till the possibility of having an extra year secured -, you have to sweat it out. It is a lesson you carry with you for life. On the other hand, you have to have a very strong and open family that supports you and gives you strength even from afar. However, this also involves having a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You develop from a very young age the idea that giving up means disappointing everyone and throwing away their sacrifices. And this is an unbearable burden at times.”

After finishing the academy, Angelica joined the youth company of Cannes Jeune Ballet and then the Balletto di Milano company: “The approach with the company is initially positive, but right away you realize how far there is still to go. It’s not enough to give your best, you have to stand out for who you are, for your uniqueness. It’s a huge bet.” And Angelica wins the bet, remaining above all true to herself even when it means going against the tide and trusting only her instincts: “After 7 years in the company of the Balletto di Milano, and having managed to get Prima Ballerina roles, I decided to quit. I felt that that was no longer my place. In my opinion, accepting what we live within ourselves, and not compromising with a stability that suffocates us, always pays us back.

The courage of believing in ourselves always comes at a price that we must be willing to pay: “Many people judge me because my life is focused a lot on myself instead of starting a family, as a woman in her 30s is supposed to do. I think however the most important goal is self-realization, because to create something solid the first solid pillar has to be you. We have to listen to ourselves if we want to grow. Sometimes, this will involve choices that will not be welcomed by everyone, but we should not be afraid. Life is ours.”

By following our own passions we find what lies ahead, Angelica was right: “When I left everything behind, I was left alone with my decisions, and with nothing in hand. Then, unexpectedly, a job offer came along and changed my life. I left for Maestro Andrea Bocelli’s tour as a dancer, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I will never stop following that little voice that shows me the way and reminds me that to feel complete I must dance, cherish my gift and give others, through my body, my emotions. The meaning of my life is kept in this.”