Cecille represents someone who fought with herself until she disappeared, and then, in the deepest darkness, finally found life. #fighter



Cecilia, alias Cecille, is one of those girls for whom just looking at them makes you think: how lucky. The hair, the eyes, the smile, the presence, the voice. She has them all. Then you listen to her story, which she tells you nowadays with a smile, and you discover that behind those big eyes there is a cursed mirror that unites many girls, little girls, who instead of screaming at a world that doesn’t understand them, end up hurting the only person who judges them: their own image.

And yet, Cecille had for sure the voice to scream, since now she enchants thousands of people by singing for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, while she shines like a sun.

However, the path to find that light was long and exhausting, “this is my second life”, she says of her present. “From the age of 8 up to the age of 22 I lived wrapped up in complete darkness. Since my parents’ separation I have gone through various stages and forms of suffering and great pain, both physical and mental. Depression, bullying and my massive eating disorders dragged me down a chasm I couldn’t get back from.”

Hers, is to all intents and purposes a second life: “Rebirth is something I believe in very much. I know what it means. When you know that kind of dark, for so long, coming back to life is really a choice. At a certain point you say: that’s enough, this pain no longer belongs to me. And choose to rediscover the light. Sometimes I still have difficult moments, but if darkness was everywhere before, now it’s just a passing shadow. In this second life, my mission is always to aim for the light”.

To get out of certain dark ravines, where life relegates you when you still don’t know who you are, you have to find the strength of a hurricane to walk even a single centimeter towards a mission, a lighthouse. And after years of trying, Cecille has finally reached her lighthouse: singing. “Since I rediscovered life, I immediately went to the studio to create something about my experience. I told my story to producers, composers and arrangers, and started writing for the first time. I had always felt the need but never found the courage to do it. The most important sentence I wrote is “Attack me if I’m fragile”. It may seem counterintuitive, but I understood that it is only by knowing our fragility that we are truly strong. They are two sides of the same coin.”

Today she travels the world for music treasuring her journey: “After all those years I am finally able to appreciate life, love, and make sense of everything. I wake up every day and think about how grateful I am to be alive, and that deep down there is always a reason why we can thank life for what we have”.