is a desire for expression, a group of women who believe in beauty, in female talent, and who want to make their voices heard against all inequality and injustice, starting from the unacceptable gender gap penalizing women in workplaces.

While fashion is an enduring emblem of lightheartedness, it also has explosive communication power. It’s a language that creates communities of like-minded individuals and allows for a whisper to travel and reach an ever-larger audience.

It’s an everyday language that reflects the challenge women face daily: making themselves heard. Especially in the workplace, where decades of progress haven’t been enough to make women truly equal.

That’s why fashion is the means Whispr relies on to spread its message.

The messages we write on our garments are whispers that come to life through the people who wear them. They express who we are and who we want to be: women who take charge, who stand up to be counted. Our lives are complex and multifaceted.

Sometimes irreverent, sometimes subtle, always humorous: the messages we wear are a reflection of our philosophy and our desire to create a more sustainable world in which we all can reach our maximum potential.

This is why Whispr is above all a community where whispered messages come to life:

Pursue your ambition: never stop dreaming

Dont’t procrastinate: never put off to tomorrow what you could do today.

Be a feminist: modern and welcoming.

Stand up and whispr, spreading the empowerment message.