Women empowerment, equal rights, and respect for people, require respect for the planet, conscious use of natural resources and attention to people’s health.

That’s why we genuinely care about the future of our planet, and we do our best to produce sustainably.

Our commitment in this sense is to:

  • Avoid over-production, by producing small batches of products.
  • Design and manufacture products which are made to last – trans-seasonal carry-overs, whose design and quality are meant to accompany our customers for years.
  • Keep our supply chain very short and controlled – our knits are manufactured in a very short supply chain between Tuscany and Umbria.
  • Carefully select certified high-quality yarns, guaranteeing the highest quality standards in terms of quality, health and respect for the environment. Whenever possible, we chose to source these materials from local skilled yarns producers, based in Italy.

Quality and sustainability, of garments and content, are the values in which we believe and on which our work is based.

This is Whispr's sustainability model: communicate 'Fast' and produce 'Slow'.

Our Materials

To reduce our environmental impact, we source and use organic and recycled cotton, certified merino wool, and eco-viscose.

Merino wool

This high-quality material is highly resistant to wear and tear. Its breathability makes it suitable for wear at different times of the year and different climate conditions. Merino wool is versatile, it can be used in both cold and warm temperatures.

Our 100% pure new extra-fine merino wool (wv) is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified and is produced in Italy.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton has less impact on the environment. Due to the absence of pesticides and herbicides, the soil is healthier, which means that less water is needed to grow cotton. It also keeps rivers, lakes, and drinking water free of toxic substances.

Organic cotton products are softer and safer for the skin, as the fibers are much longer than normal cotton. Its benefits for the skin, due to its softness and the absence of harmful chemicals used in the production process.

Our organic cotton yarn is certified OCS (Organic Blended Content Standard) and is produced in Tuscany.


Eco-viscose is produced from wood pulp. It is a completely renewable cellulose fiber. Up to 50% less water and Co2 emissions are used to produce it.

The eco-viscose we use is certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 (viscose origin: Lenzing Eco-Vero). This yarn is used in some of our garments for trims or in combination with cotton or wool, to ensure higher durability and better performance to the knit, providing a “stretch” effect.

100% Recycled PVC

When PVC is recycled, it drastically reduces the carbon footprint. It saves energy and avoids extracting more carbon from the ground.
For our knitted bags, we have chosen a highly resistant and long-lasting recycled PVC yarn.

Our packaging

Whispr’s manifesto is equally apparent in its packaging.
In this project built around the importance of words, labels are like flags, a declaration of intent and roadmap for behavior.

Whispr’s labels and tags – both stitched in cloth on the garments, and attached externally– carry other whispers, various motivational and encouraging phrases that align with the brand’s values.

Everything, including the e-commerce packaging, is made of certified environmentally friendly materials made in Italy, from the colored tissue paper, to multicolored logo stickers and paper bags.