Through our activity, our collaborations, our knits bringing around empowerment and equality messages.

We CARE for people and environment and SHARE our values with all the people involved in our project: those working in our internal team, as well as our suppliers and manufacturing ateliers, our creative partners, our customers and ambassadors.

We are committed to implementing a different way of working and behaving in our business model and supply chain, according to a few values on which we accept no compromise:

We acknowledge the valuable role women play in the society and in the workplace and we fight inequality and any gender-based injustice by raising awareness among our stakeholders.

Women’s professional and personal empowerment is a fundamental part of social and economic progress and building a more just world.

Empowerment and equality are our goals, which we strive to achieve actively involving female professionals, entrepreneurs, craftsmen in every stage of our value chain.

Our partners

All Whispr products are made in Italy, from design to production, by a team and a network of women in a supply chain that involves small ateliers, owned or managed by women.

We are committed to ensuring that all players in the supply chain are protagonists and ambassadors of Whispr’s values.

Collaborations with social cooperatives

Our embroideries are made by female-led social cooperatives. We believe in female talent and strength, we believe in work as an opportunity for self-expression and emancipation.