Whispr introduces its spring collection with a powerful, ambitious statement: W”re!

That would be W for Woman, W for Whispr and W for We, who face obstacles without fear. No one can stop us or bring us down as we fight for what we believe in. Our whispered words gather power as they bounce from one woman to another, emerging as a single voice that speaks for all of us, helping us to develop our personal and professional networks. In its purest sense, the Whispr community is about sisterhood.

This collective spirit is at the core of Whispr’s spring collection, developed in collaboration with the students of Bocconi University’s Enterpreneurship and Strategic Innovation in the Fashion Industry course, taught by professors Stefania Saviolo and Elisabetta Marafioti. Whispr invited this group of 15 highly motivated and ambitious young women, all of whom are involved in fighting against gender inequality, to share their ideas.

They’re an international bunch, hailing from Canada, Thailand, Madagascar, Japan, the United States and France, not to mention Italy, of course. They’re in their early 20s and just starting their careers but have already seen what it means to be a woman in the workplace. They know how difficult it is to achieve recognition and how hard they must fight to participate in society on equal footing with men. Their university studies have allowed them to develop Whispr’s brand strategy, working on each step of the spring collection, from creative concept to marketing and communications strategy to community development.

This intergenerational exchange between these students and Whispr’s founders culminated in an advertising campaign featuring 6 of the 15 students posing in pieces from the latest Whispr collection for 29-year-old photographer Irene Iovane Manzillo, making the young women brand ambassadors in addition to strategic advisors. Some shots also feature a young man – a deliberate choice that serves as a reminder to all that women need the support of men in their fight for equality. Solidarity of the sexes is required if true equality is to flourish.

Whispr’s spring collection is also connected to a special project developed for the brand’s young consumers, each of whom will be eligible to take a psychometric test devised by LaborPlay, a company specialized in skills evaluation and development. It’s a tool to assist young women in getting their professional bearings through a better understanding of their interests and inclinations. It’s also part of Whispr’s broader goal of supporting young women after they complete their university studies.

Whispr’s spring/summer 2022 collection is divided into three product categories, each associated with a different set of keywords related to female empowerment, in keeping with the brand’s identity.

1. Believers. This ribbed line is in organic cotton and eco-viscose. It includes a half-sleeved t-shirt that’s solid on the front and striped in the back; a tank top with contrasting trim; and a boxy turtleneck with intarsia lettering.

The keyword is W’re, the underlying message that runs throughout the collection. The community is also connected to the words Free, Fearless and Powerful: three assertive “we are” statements that appear as intarsia on the back of the neckline for the t-shirt and tank top, and on the lower back for the boxy top.

2. Gentle Fighters. The crop top and mini mesh tank dress in 100% organic cotton with a trapeze shape are reminiscent of basketball jerseys, but also feature crochet-style weaving.

The keywords are Bold and Brave and appear one after the other across the back of each garment like running headlines on a television newscast. They’re strong, just like all the women who change the world through their kindness.

3. Activists. This set, in a light cotton jersey, is composed of a crop top and knee-length maxi dress with uneven, multicolored stripes. Practical and perfect for everyday wear, these pieces have an unmistakably sporty (and activist) appeal.

The keywords are Gender Equality Revolution: enough said!